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HeartStrong offers once-weekly, Christ-centered core and non-core classes for elementary students in Kinder through 6th grades. It provides a community for learning and fellowship, both for parents and students. Students learn and explore together on Wednesdays, but they also meet up for field trips, park days and other events. The parents also have the opportunity to build community as they support and encourage one another through this homeschool journey.

SCCHE understands that the parents are the primary instructors and caregivers for their children, and in that regard, the SCCHE HeartStrong classes are designed to be an adjunct to the student’s home education, and not a replacement for it. We love supporting parents in homeschooling their children, while maintaining that parents have the ultimate authority for their children’s education.

The ultimate goal of all SCCHE classes/programs is to develop a love for learning which will equip the student to lead a successful life.


  • ChemistryExploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics (Apologia Young Explorer series) This course will lay the foundation of the world of chemistry at the elementary student's level. We will cover just the part of the textbook dealing with chemistry (Lessons 1-5). The class will be very hands-on, as we will do lots of experiments, many of them not found in the textbook The students will feel like real scientists as we will use real chemistry glassware and supplies. Everything will be perfectly safe, but fun! .

  • Missouri State History and Government: Each week in class we will have a lesson to introduce the topic of study for the week. We may do mapping activities, or hands on and group projects in class. We will cover Missouri state history before we were a state through modern times. We will also study some famous Missourians, how our state government works, the geography of our state and native plants and animals.

  • Art: Students will be engaged with fun and exciting art projects. 

  • Economics: The students will work through Personal Finance, Money math and Economic topics in class with short activities to complement the in-class lessons for the students. Every year will have different activities where students acquire the tools needed for each of the four themes. The four themes are: earning an income, saving, spending and credit, and money management. Students will explore the basic economics concepts that will prepare them to be better citizens, consumers and workers.

  • Creative Language Arts: Language arts class that will use crafts and art projects to reinforce our learning. Each week we will focus on a book or poem, discuss different language art components, and do a coordinated activity. Options for either a full language arts program or an enrichment class are provided.

  • Music Appreciation: Students will deepen their understanding and appreciation for God's gift of music by learning about different types and applications of music, as well as opportunities to express themselves through song.

  • Learning Through Play (Kindergarten): Kindergarten students will enjoy rich and creative learning activities each week. These activities will include early literacy, basic math and number sense, science, and imaginative play. Full day and half day options available.

    Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by July 1st.  

Message about 6th Grade

Parents have extra choices for their 6th Graders beyond our HeartStrong offerings. If you look under Learning Center, on Thursdays there will be college model classes available. It's completely up to the parents to decide which would be most beneficial for their student.



- Kindergarten through 6th Grade Full Day Tuition (Supply and Registration Fees Included): $1,099

- Half Day Tuition- Kindergarten ONLY (Supply and Registration Fees Included): $549

- Individual Classes- 1st through 6th ONLY (Supply and Registration Fees Included): $280


Click Here for 2024 - 2025 Class Schedule 


Requirements for Participation

- SCCHE Membership: In order to register for HeartStrong classes, the family must be members of SCCHE. Annual family membership is $35.

- Registration Fees: Once the registration fee for each student is received, their spot on the roster is secured. If payment is not received within 30 days, then the student will be removed from the roster.

- Volunteer Commitment: While we do not require all parents to remain on-site for the entire duration of classes, which is a very common requirement of other homeschool groups in our area, we do ask that for your participation in order to make the program run well.  
Our heart and mission is to minister well to all of our students, as well as the parents. We pray that the environment we create ensures that all students feel safe and cared for. In addition, we believe that serving together is a great way for volunteers to build meaningful relationships and community with one another.

Grade Captains - One for each grade, Kindergarten through 6th: This is the MOST IMPORTANT role, therefore will be a compensated position. Grade Captains will be with their designated grade throughout their classes and assist in lunch and recess time. If you are interested in this role, please reach out to Paula Zaiser at [email protected].

Fellowship Area - We have a designated space as a parent/sibling fellowship area where families can connect and fellowship with each other while their students are in class.  This is a great area for younger siblings to play and meet their future classmates as well!  


There are all kinds of areas we will need volunteers to help with throughout the year.  Some commitments will be simple, one-day tasks.  Others will be larger and may take place outside of the HeartStrong day/location (i.e. field trips, park days, etc.).  


Important Dates

- May 1st- Registration for 2024-25 school year opens!

- August 15 - Kick Off Parent Meeting / Family Fellowship 

- August 21st- First Day of HeartStrong Classes for 2024-25

- November 27th- Thanksgiving Break- NO CLASS

- December 11th- Last Day of Semester

- January 8th, 2025- HeartStrong Classes Resume for Spring Semester

- March 12th, 2025- Spring Break- NO CLASS

- May 7th, 2025- Last Day of Year



Liberty Church located at 709 Crestview Dr. O'Fallon, MO 63366.

Click here for a map to the Liberty Church.

Learn more about the Liberty Church by clicking here.

Liberty Church is a gracious host to many SCCHE activities and programs. SCCHE requests that all members and children endeavor to respect to their property and business activities.



All SCCHE instructors are biblical Christians who agree with the St. Charles Christian Home Educators Statement of Faith. Instructors teach their classes from a biblical worldview. Instructors do not use materials or lessons that might be considered contrary to what scripture teaches and thus objectionable to SCCHE families.


Tours and Questions

To set up a tour, or if you have any additional questions, please contact our HeartStrong Coordinator, Paula Zaiser, at: [email protected].